Embrace the possible.



Our Role

Masa&Boz was hired to increase trust for Russell Investments’ brand and help transform their culture so their purpose - to increase people’s financial security - drives marketing automation.

What We Did

Working closely with Russell Investments’ leaders and their specialists we acted as their analytics translator and extended team. We conducted first-party research, helped integrate their disparate sources of data, developed a marketing ROI dashboard, mapped their customer experience, created their brand story based on the ethos to ‘Embrace the Possible’, conducted workshops to affect culture change, designed their marketing playbook and produced provocative audience specific messaging.

How do we meet our clients’ ambitions financial and environmental impact goals?


The Outcome

Building an optimistic future. From a traditional asset manager, Russell Investments is transforming into a truly empathetic client-first partner. After our two year engagement, Russell Investments associates are more focused on relationships in their daily interactions, bringing a deeper level of trust between the firm and its clients. This resulted in an overall impact-of-marketing increase by 25% based on assets under management.

 “Masa & Boz helped me reimagine the approach and design the blueprint of the firm’s culture transformation and digital brand ecosystem. They achieved this by rigorously applying data-driven insights to everything we did.”

- Kirti Naik, Global Head of Brand and Digital Insights, Russell Investments