Optimize yourself.



Our Role

Masa&Boz was hired to work with Kryo Technologies’ founder and Chief Scientific Officer to envision the business for the category leader it could be and help make it real. Our task was to co-create the blueprint that aligned the CEO’s vision to the business and appeal to a mainstream audience.

What We Did

Our collaboration with the team reimagined their product - from a mattress pad that cooled core body temperature to a sleep system that appealed to mainstream performance seekers. We repositioned and renamed the system, clarified its benefit; ‘optimized sleep’, designed its packaging, created messaging and its digital marketing strategy.


The Outcome

From harsh medical device to technology-enabled personalized sleep system. Ooler has transitioned from being a life hack that appealed to a small audience of extreme users to a trusted system that benefits a much larger audience. Since our engagement, revenue has increased by 450%. An outcome important to the founder - and one of our goals - was that he got “unstuck” and learned the process of applying analytical and creative skills to growing his business himself.

"I can now guide my own brand and tech evolution. I will remember the two day workshop for the rest of my life.”

- Todd Youngblood, CEO Kryo technologies