Unparalleled Access.



Our Role

Masa&Boz was hired to articulate a vision that encompassed all of Institutional Investors’ lines of businesses, restructure the product offering to be more client-centric and efficient, and unify disparate data sources to provide insights for sales.

What We Did

We analyzed their data to understand the internal friction points and understand future clients. We developed and collected first-party research through online surveys, in-person interviews of internal associates and current clients, and cross referenced the results with third party industry research.

Working closely between the CMO, the CEO and COO, we formulated a unified marketing and sales plan to transform the organization from a publishing business to being the ‘concierge for global institutional investors’.



The Outcome

Institutional Investor is now the authority on where to meet trusted peers and have open conversations behind closed doors. We are working to integrate operations with a new product architecture, digital ecosystem, visual ID, and communication platform - ‘Unparalleled Access’. The C-suite is now armed with a blueprint to sustain Institutional Investor’s evolution for the next five years.

 “Masa&Boz has been a key partner to our efforts in building formidable strategies and helping implement them for the transformation of Institutional Investor.”

- Greg Yates, CMO Institutional Investor