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Our Role

Masa&Boz was hired to plan Breezesta outdoor furniture’s path for the next 5 years. We needed to anticipate the evolution of the outdoor furniture market, plan the transition from a B2B to a B2C model, transform culture and immediately equip their dealers with relevant and timely marketing tools.

What We Did

We aggregated primary and secondary sources of data for insights on audiences, the outdoor furniture sector and broader trends. We extracted insights, developed personas and customer journey maps that informed the vision, core values, and culture. We developed their brand strategy of ‘comfort, connection, durability and classic American craftsmanship’. To bring it to life, we created a styleguide, visual identity, ethos, packaging design, photography, content plan and a digital marketing roadmap. We designed and published their digital catalog to be the first hybrid B2B and B2C touchpoint under the new platform ‘For Every Season of Your Life’.



The Outcome

Casual Living experienced a 350% increase in brand engagement and 30% increase in new business.

 “They demystified the creative and digital process, I have a new brand, a plan for growth and immediate steps to take.”

- Joe Guarino, CEO, Casual Living