The Trust Stack

Customers no longer trust corporations with their data. Employees are also expecting their employers to take leadership positions in sustainability and social responsibility.

Your customers feel disconnected and they want to belong to a group they trust. Businesses leaders need to build trusting relationships between their employees and customers by delivering on their promises. 

Start by getting true 360 visibility into macro trends all the way down to individual activities of employees, customers and competition. From this building block extract insights to envision a new future for an organization to benefit the individual, the community and society at large. Then, by applying the strategic underpinnings of the brand, create a feedback loop between the business and its customers with ML and AI. The key is to do it ethically, empathetically, programmatically and efficiently. 

From the many possible opportunities, choose objective partners to focus on the right opportunities to pursue, and ensure that all participants, from data professionals to business executives, work in harmony to realize the promise your brand and emerging technologies offer.

Trust can be earned over time. 

Ray Mendez