From the many possible opportunities, we can help choose the right ones to pursue, and insure that all participants, from data professionals to business executives and creatives, work in harmony to realize the promise your organization offers.



Hide Harashima


Analytics translation
Platform integration
Digital transformation

Hide (hee-day) has served as CTO of fast growth software companies and agencies. He has a background in data management and worked with small and large corporations from early stage fundraising to IPO to M&A.

Conceptualizes, designs, builds and launches technology products. Has launched a data analytics software-as-a-service startup, an industry-first clinical web portal, and clinical trial software that helped reduce the data collection efforts for pharmaceutical companies.

Creates high-performing, cross-functional teams through an environment of respect and collaboration that fosters innovation and a culture of continuous improvement.

Revenue and Growth
The technology products he has launched resulted in top line growth. He has overseen the integration of people, systems, and processes for 8 company acquisitions, consolidating redundant systems while reducing operating costs by 60% over two years.


Ray Mendez


Communication strategy
Creative direction
Brand transformation

Ray nurtures the souls of organizations. He has transformed brands and created memorable campaigns in New York City, Amsterdam, Berlin and Mumbai, serving some of the world’s most respected businesses from Apple to Russell Investments.

Led a NYC based boutique creative agency for 12 years.  Worked with complex global organizations to package them for the investment community and build their brand experiences. Has earned numerous awards for creativity including a Gold Lion at Cannes. Ray pushes the creative boundaries of our clients.

Ray helps businesses empathetically connect with their customers. He brings the diverse specialists of the marketing ecosystem together to serve our clients. He unites groups by finding truth and fostering trust.

Ray has successfully worked on transforming numerous brands on four continents, in diverse sectors to find new audiences and use evolving technological platforms to generate new revenue. Collaborates with business leaders to envision new futures and helps them transform culture to bring their visions to life.