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Brand and Process Design

Truth finding,
business transforming,
momentum building


There’s no one in this world more capable of guiding your brand and technology transformation than you.


We act as a catalyst, offering an agile process for rapidly clearing the way between your reality and your vision.


It’s our tested way to save time, money and brainpower for years to come.

Together we will nurture the soul

of your brand and connect it with

your customers.

Hide Harashima, Technology Strategy

Hide Harashima

Hide (hee-day) has served as CTO of software companies and agencies with the goal to making technology invisible. He has a data background and worked with small and larger corporations that have gone through various phases of business–from early stage fundraising to IPO to M&A. His four areas of focus for the last 20 years have been:

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Ray Mendez, Brand and Creative Strategy

Ray Mendez

Ray has worked as a Creative Director at large and small firms around the world with a singular goal to improve businesses by nurturing their brands’ souls. He has worked with start-ups, mergers, IPOs and global expansions and network integrations. He believes that what is done in years can be done in days. His three areas of focus for the last 20 years have been:

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